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BioPellet, LLC's BioBricks have a uniform rectangular shape which makes it easier to tightly pack a stove with the greatest amount of BioBricks.

Because these "BioBricks" can be tightly packed, the fire burns longer and more uniform. A ton of BioBricks, when burned, will give as much heat as a cord of seasoned firewood. At BioPellet, LLC our BioBricks are free of the dust, dirt, bugs, vermin, and the mess that is commonly associated with burning cordwood.

They are the perfect size; if bigger they might not burn up completely, if smaller they might burn too hot.

BioBricks from BioPellet, LLC, turn your wood stove into something as easy to use as a pellet stove, but you don't need electricity to run it! Find a BioBrick retailer near you >>

BioPellet, LLC makers of the orignal BioBricks

Introducing our Extra Large bricks

Based on customer feedback, we have also added the following products to our current portfolio:

BioBricks Ultra XL

Larger 3.5 lb. in 6pk


(96 packs per pallet)

Original BioBricks


Smaller 2 lb. in 12pk

(90 packs per pallet)

Original BioBricks

Smaller 2 lb. in 20pk

(50 packs per pallet)

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